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Old July 13th, 2012, 12:07 PM
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Random Selection "Draft Simulator"


I am working on a side project and part of it is to create a "Draft Simulator". Essentially, I need to have a database (there will be roughly 13,000 entries) and have the simulator pick 15 of these entries at a time, based on a few different specifications, and allow the user to make selections and store those selections in a separate area.
Sorry if this is confusing, I will try to outline it in more detail below...

Background Information:
This Draft Simulator will be for a trading card game. The point of the simulator is to let people practice creating a good deck of cards when random cards are given to them. The draft will include the person drafting and 7 AI's.
How the draft works is that there are 8 people and each person starts with a pack of 15 cards. Each person picks a card from their pack and passes the remaining cards to the person on their left who then picks a card to put into their deck and passes the remaining cards to their left. This continues until all of the cards are gone.

The Process [I think...]
I believe I will need to start this by creating a [SQL?] database with the 13,000 entries and their specific properties. Kind of like this...
Name | Image | Color | Symbol
CA-X72 | LINK | Red | Circle
CA-X75 | LINK | Orange | Square
CA-X93 | LINK | Yellow | Triangle
EG-C56 | LINK | Green | Oval
KK-R97 | LINK | Blue | Diamond

Then I will need to create the script to pull 15 of those images and create a "pack" for the user and each AI. The user will pick an image (a card) from this "pack" of cards will be placed into the users deck he/she is creating, then the rest of the "pack" will go around to the other 7 AI's before returning to the user. Each AI will need to select a card from the stack that works best with their deck they are building (thus the script can't just drop seven random cards before returning to the user for selection).
Think of it like this...
There are 8 people and a standard deck of playing cards. If everyone takes cards at random then you may end up with 2 Hearts, 1 Club, 2 Spades, and 1 Diamond - If your goal is to have all the same suit then this tactic wouldn't make much sense. This is why the AI's need to be able to pick their hands in the same way a real person would. If they have 2 Clubs and a Spade they need to know to look for another Club instead of just taking a random card.

So that is what I need to do, this issue is that I don't know where I should start, what language would be the best, etc...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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