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Old July 4th, 2017, 03:37 AM
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General - PWM Generation Troubles

Thanks for reading my post at first.
I would like to ask some help here for the troubles occurred in PWM generation on timer output channel.
I am debugging STM32F103C8T6 and I want to realize to generate PWM with duty cycle=50%,Frequency=50Hz using General Purpose Timer2 in output channel 2 which is at PA1 or pin number 11. My target system is STM32 BluePill development board.
The datasheet of STM32F103C8T6
My code is as following:
/**************************** Header file *******************************/#include<stm32f10x.h>
/*************************** user defined function **********************/
/**************************************************  **********************
Name        : PWM_Init()
Description : Initializes PWM hardware and associated GPIO ports
              Enables clocks for peripherals and configure modes
Parameters  : None
Return_val  : None
**************************************************  **********************/void PWM_Init(){
/****configure clocks for PORTA & TIMER2********/

  RCC->APB2ENR |= RCC_APB2ENR_IOPAEN;           // enable port a clock
  RCC->APB1ENR |= RCC_APB1ENR_TIM2EN;           // enable clock for timer 2
/*****  configure GPIOA mode *******************/

   /* Porta Pin 1 &2 as alternate function output Push pull 50 MHz */
    GPIOA->CRL = 0x000000bb;  
/*******Set timer 2 Period for PWM**************        
  Timer Clock                   = 72MHz = 72000000 Hz
  Time Period Required          = (1/50Hz) = 0.02 Seconds
  Let ARR value be 65535 then,
  Prescalar + 1                 = 72000000/((ARR+1)*50Hz)
  Prescalar                     = 21 (approx)   

    TIM2->ARR = 65535;                      // Set Auto reload value
    TIM2->PSC = 21;                         // Set Prescalar value

    /* Output Compare Mode, ENABLE Preload,PWM  mode:2*/
    TIM2->CCMR1  = 0x00007800; 

    TIM2->EGR |= TIM_EGR_UG;       // ENABLE update generation

    /*CC2E : channel 2 enabled; polarity : active high*/         

    TIM2->CCER = 0x00000010;  

    TIM2->CR1 |= TIM_CR1_ARPE;      // Auto preload ENABLE
    TIM2->CR1 |= TIM_CR1_CEN;       // ENABLE Timer counter     
}/**************Main Function**********************************/int main()
    PWM_Init();                                  // initialize PWM

            TIM2->CCR2  = 32768;                 // SET duty cycle to 50%

I configured the GPIOA in Alternate function output Push Pull mode with maximum frequency not exceeding 50 MHz, I connected an LED bulb to the GPIOA pin 1, but the LED went on glowing without reduction in the brightness level. The LED was still glowing even after i performed a test with duty cycle set to 0. On the debugger window I could see exactly all the parameters I configured and the Count register was getting incremented. I cannot find information regarding selection of alternate functions for a GPIO Port.
Please kindly give me some suggestions if there are any corrections that need to be done.
Thanks a lot !

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