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Old December 22nd, 2008, 10:56 PM
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Disabling a dropdown based on javascript

Hi I have a web page.Where i display a row of dropdown list s nearly 5 rows i display .When i choose any value from the main dropdown the other dropdown will get enabled but at the same time when i choose null value from the drop down,all the others will get disabled and they will also sho blank value.

Using array i wrote a javascript function to enable and disable it.It works quite fine

Now my problem is i have a feature"Add arow and delete a row"

When i add a row a row with the dropdown list will get added to already prsent dropdown and it should also do the same functionality(enabling and disabling) but its not working as required

The array way of adding and deleting a row which i did is:

function fnAddDelRows(valRowId){
if ((varNoofRows+valRowId>=5) && (varNoofRows+valRowId<=10)){
if (varNoofRows<10){'hand';
if (varNoofRows>5){'hand';
if (varNoofRows==5){'';
if (varNoofRows==10){'';
document.getElementById("row" + varNoofRows).style.display='block';
document.getElementById("row" + (varNoofRows + 1)).style.display='none';

the javascript which i wrote isfor anabling and disabling is)

<script language="javascript">
function fnenable(varIndex){
if(document.AdminChkReq.cmbDeptNo(varIndex).value != '')
document.AdminChkReq.cmbAcctNo(varIndex).disabled= false;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbSubAcct(varIndex).disabled =false;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbProjNo(varIndex).disabled= false;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbAcctCateg(varIndex).disabl ed=false;
document.AdminChkReq.txtDistAmt(varIndex).disabled =false;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbAcctNo(varIndex).disabled= true;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbSubAcct(varIndex).disabled =true;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbProjNo(varIndex).disabled= true;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbAcctCateg(varIndex).disabl ed=true;
document.AdminChkReq.txtDistAmt(varIndex).disabled =true;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbSubAcct(varIndex).value='' ;
document.AdminChkReq.cmbAcctCateg(varIndex).value= '';
document.AdminChkReq.txtDistAmt(varIndex).value='' ;

Can anyone help me in sorting out this

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