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Old June 15th, 2011, 07:21 AM
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Post Help with Actionscripting a complicated idea?


Prepare for a wall of text:

So yeah, I've been interested in Flash development for quite a while now and I've been teaching myself through a bunch of disconnected tutorials. So far, I'm ok. Not great, but I can work a few movie clips with tweens and images to look interesting. I can do some actionscript as well to add fun interactivity

I'm mainly interested in game development and I have an idea I'd like to follow through on. Trouble is, I have no idea of where to begin.

The idea:

The game would play like the original Command and Conquer (top down view, animations for units and buildings etc). But the USP would be "Weapon Creation". I'm not talking about a lazy version seen in most games where you "find a blueprint then mass produce it".

I mean from the ground up, you'd choose the type of weapon (pistol, shotgun, rifle, assault rifle etc).

Then you'd choose the material it would be made of (iron, titanium, tungsten etc).

Then you would choose the handle style (from a catalogue).

Then you would choose the barrel length and width (changes dynamically during construction).

Then you choose the stock (catalogue again).

...and so on until you have the necessary parts for a complete gun.

All of the choices made would affect how the weapon performs. So a longer barrel means more accuracy and a wider barrel means better damage at but with a shorter range. And so on...

This is the main part I'm looking to develop. The weapon customisation. Just to see how I could make it modular and have each part interact with each other.

I have a couple of ideas but like I say, I'm a little lost on where to begin.

If anyone knows how I could start this mad venture, it would be massivley appreciated.

Would I need to learn about actionscript classes and functions working together or would I need to work on the graphics first?

Tonnes of other questions, but if you made it past the wall of text, get a cup of tea and relax your brain.

Thanks in advance.

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