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Old October 29th, 2012, 12:43 PM
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Help Needed (Java Game- Using Netbeans)

Greetings Forumites!

I am new here, and I am hoping that I will be able to find someone to help me solve some Java issues I have. I do hope that I'll be able to help someone around here too.

I am new to Java. Because I have a decent amount of programming experience, and given how once you know one language, you can find your way through to a basic application in any other language, I was able to develop a Java application that does what I need it to do "for the most part".

The application is supposed to be a multi-player game. So I needed to:
  • Develop the game
  • create a socket to connect each client to the server
  • get the server to connect clients together and track moves by clients
  • save sessions over the game
  • and close every connection when a client exits (maybe a presence notification too)

1) I designed the game so that it works perfectly well in a single player mode;
2) works somewhat against the computer (I say 'somewhat' because I think the computer is cheating because it wins by too wide a margin - see, I wrote the computer's move to make it almost hard to outplay; but I often see moves that, where I the computer, I would have made but the computer chooses not to make and actually gains no point in the alternate move it makes. Yet, it somehow wins the game. But this is something I have to figure out, and I am not so bothered about it at this point);
3) Also, I changed some listeners, and I started noticing flickers whenever I click on some control to select the game parameters (this is another thing I am not so pressed to solve now because I had previously fixed it before another change brought it back. So I don't anticipate that it'll be difficult to solve).

Here are my problems:
1) I am not able to get the game to work in multi-player mode. I am... new would mean that I have some experience... I am clueless when it comes to networking. I bought a book, Killer Game Programming In Java by Andrew Davison, but either the book is meant for people with more knowledge or it's outdated, I couldn't get through any of the example codes;
2) I am guessing that I need a database to store information, but I have no idea how to do that (this is probably something to worry about later too);
3) I installed the Android plug-in and set it up successfully in NetBeans, and I created a new Android Application, and it generated a mainactivity (I left the defaults so if you are familiar with this, you know what I am talking about). Here is the problem. When I added the files from my "existing Java FX Game, I get all sorts of errors about packages, e.g., java.awt, not existing.

Is there anyone who is willing to help me resolve these, or any of these issues? I considered contracting it out because I don't know that I have the time (demanding work schedule) to learn something new and extensive if it requires it, but I feel like I have done a lot of the work but will probably still be charged almost full price if I got someone to do it.

Please help this fish out of the water.

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