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Old March 7th, 2013, 02:38 AM
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Loan java programming language student

Make a program that will compute the monthly payment of a particular loan
- make a class named loan
- declare attributes amount loaned , duration , interest , total loaned and monthly payment
- declare setter and getter methods for amount loaned and duration
- create overloading constructor
- 1st constructor is a default
Constructor that assign 10000 to amount loan and 5 months for duration
- 2nd constructor accept single value for amount and assign 5 months for duration
- 3rd constructor accept 2 values for amount loan and duration
- Declare method getInterest that accept value for duration and return the interest based on the ff condition

Duration Interest
5months – 6months 2%
7months – 9months 3%
10 months – 12 months 4%

- Create method getTotalloan that accept values for amount loaned , interest and duration and contain compilation (amount loan*interest)*term

Create method getMonthlyPayment that receives value of total loan and duration , and will return the quotient of total loan/duration.

Make a class named Costumer w/ contain the main method
- Ask the user to input value for amount and duration and pass it into the constructor
Compute the interest , total loan , and monthly payment using method in loan class

use JoptionPane

Out put

[1] 1st constructor
[2] 2nd constructor
[3] 3rd constructor

Enter choice:
Amount loan:
Total loan:
Monthly Payment:

thank you !

public class loan{
public int amtloan;
public int duration;
public int interest;
public int totalloan;
public int mpayment;

int duration1 = 5;
double interest1 = 0.02;
int duration2 = 7;
double interest2 = 0.03;
int duration3 = 10;
double interest3 = 0.04;
int a;
int b;
int c;
int d;
public int setamtloan(){
amtloan = a;
return amtloan;}

public int setduration(){
duration = b;
return duration;}

public int setinteresst(){
interest = c;
return interest;}

public int settotalloan(){
totalloan = a;
return totalloan;}

public int setmpayment(){
mpayment = d;
return mpayment;}

public int getamtloan(){
return amtloan;}

public int getduration(){
return duration;}

public int getinterest(){
return interest;}

public int gettotalloan(){
return totalloan;}

public int getmpayment(){
return (a*c)*b;}

public loan(double a,double b){
a = 10000;
b = 5;
public loan(double c,double d){
c = ;
d = 5;


import javax.swing.*;
public class costumer{
public static void main(String args[]){

int x = Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog

loan l = new loan(double a,double b);


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