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Old February 3rd, 2003, 08:42 AM
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All Fairness

I will agree with you that alot code out there is horrible because use of widgets and lack of naming conventions. But in all fairness not all coders rely on crappy tools such as Frontpage with all it's Widgets. Personally like developing code myself or atleast going threw it so understand nuts and bolts. I think the alot of your blame you that you place on tools is more to do with management than you call "dumber developers." There is so much pressure to spit out code on tighter and tighter deadlines that many shortcuts are taken. As scary as it may be the first shortcut is testing. Atleast this is my experience. Inaddition to this there is a lack of general thought put towards testing and implementation. I also find that alot of universities courses avoid any practical direction especially in area of real world programming. So when programmer comes out school and thrown into these environment doesn;t know any better. Manager says get it done in 2 hours, well done 2 hours but all planning and testing are thrown out the window. What you call dumber programmers i would put blame more on company standards or policies. You want smarter programmers, put in place strict testing and developing guild lines. Inaddition management should be so quick to shrug off comments of about deadlines and pay more attention to Qaulity not Qaunty.

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